Why Additional Files?

By default, GTFS-to-HTML attempts to generate a timetable for each route and direction present in a GTFS file. However, much greater control over which routes, directions and days of the week should be built into timetables is possible by adding some additional, non-standard .txt files to an agencies GTFS.

  • timetables.txt - Specifies which HTML timetables should be built based on route_id, direction_id, days of the week and a date range. Often, this is the only additional file you'll need.
  • timetable_stop_order.txt - Specifies the stop order that should be used for timetables.
  • timetable_pages.txt - Specifies which HTML timetables should be grouped together into a single HTML page.
  • stop_attributes.txt - Specifies additional information about a stop.