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New Feature - GTFS timetables as CSV

· One min read

GTFS-to-HTML Version 2.3.0 adds support for exporting timetables as CSV. Setting the outputFormat configuration to csv will generate CSV files instead of HTML. One CSV file per timetable will be generated.

An example of a CSV timetable:

,San Francisco Ferry Building,Vallejo Ferry Terminal,Mare Island Ferry Terminal
Run #1,10:30am,11:30am,
Run #2,11:30am,12:30pm,
Run #3,1:50pm,2:50pm,
Run #4,2:50pm,3:50pm,
Run #5,4:10pm,5:10pm,5:25pm
Run #6,5:10pm,6:10pm,6:25pm
Run #7,6:30pm,7:30pm,
Run #8,8:50pm,9:50pm,10:05pm

Timetables in CSV respect the orientation set in timetables.txt or defaultOrientation in config.json, they can be either horizontal or vertical.